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Envitran Smart Systems

Welcome to Envitran Smart Systems

We provide engineering solutions for vehicular, industrial, indoor and urban air pollution control. Unique air pollution control requirement will be made through scientific investigation covering field measurements, modelling, design and testing in the laboratory.

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Mechanical Sweeper

Mechanical Sweeper

Indian roads are prone to large amount of dust particles which are mostly fine in nature. In order to remove dust deposited on the road, manual sweeping is widely practiced.

Vehicular Soot Remover

Vehicular Soot Remover

Particulate Matter (PM) or soot owing to their chemical composition and size are a health and environmental hazard. They are also a known to be carcinogen. The emission laws for diesel engines are also becoming stringent from time to time.

Why choose us

All our mentors are faculty of IIT Madras with rich and diverse experience in the field. 

Panel consisting of Dr. S. M. Shiva Nagendra, Dr. Nilesh J Vasa and Dr. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai who are all faculty at IIT Madras. 

Our team members are alumnae of IIT Madras, one of the premier institutions in India. 

Experienced team of environmental engineers backed by strong understanding of air pollution. 

Our association with IIT Madras means that we can access some of the world class facilities in the campus. 

Access to the state of the art laboratories, machines and equipments along with expert guidance in IIT Madras

Delivering quality products and services is ingrained in our blood. 

Being environmental engineers we strive for a pollution free environment. Thus, our products and services will also have enough quality to achieve this.

Our Mentors

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