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Envitran Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd., (ETSS) is a startup incubated at IIT Madras and incorporated in 2017 under the Companies Act, 2013. With a vision to design and develop environment friendly smart technologies for better air quality, two students of IIT Madras along with three experienced mentors from Environmental, Transportation, and Engineering Design sectors of IIT – Madras, came together and set forth a mission to provide engineering solutions for vehicular, industrial, indoor and urban air pollution control.

A diverse team of budding entrepreneurs, research scholars, engineers and professors make us a potential suitor to be an emerging R&D company in air quality management arena.

At Envitran, air pollution control technologies are developed to transform urban environment from Grey to Green by addressing a problem through systematic approach of scientific research- covering field measurements, modelling, design and testing in the laboratory as well as field.

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